We offer Italian in Ningyocho

Please spend meaningful time in a cozy space

The Lancontre Tonto, which operates in Ningyo-cho, offers a wide variety of courses, from a la carte to homemade desserts, with plenty of fresh vegetables and specialty seafood, as well as course dishes for small groups and groups. We have a menu of We also offer seasonal dishes with an emphasis on the ingredients, flavors and aromas of ingredients, and ingenious colors to make you feel the season.
The interior of the store is unified with chic color interior and boasts an atmosphere that can be used even for dinner and entertainment on the anniversary. If you are looking for a recommended Italian restaurant in Ningyo-cho, please come to Lancontre Tonto.


Please enjoy various courses using seasonal ingredients

Introduction of a wide range of courses from large to small groups


Enjoy dishes made with seasonal ingredients

Please see the food menu of the Italian restaurant, Lancontre Tonto in Ningbocho

  • Child-owned squid and farmer's direct delivery Spring vegetables Banya cauda

    1,280 yen (excluding tax)

  • Sukabeche of sardines

    880 yen
    (Tax-included 950 yen)

  • Summer vegetables caponata with merba toast

    880 yen
    (Tax-included 950 yen)

  • Wine steamed mussels with black pepper

    980 yen (excluding tax)

  • Assorted ham and salami

    1,680 yen
    (Tax-included 1,814 yen)


It is introduction of the drink which I pulled out

Please enjoy wine as well as various liquors.

  • Burgundy Chardonnay (France)

    3,980 yen

  • Cavanza Chardonnay (Chile)

    3,480 yen

  • Jean de Garb Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc (France)

    3580 yen

  • Zirnhert Riesling (France)

    4280 yen

  • Insolia Chardonnay Fonte Frontini (Italy)

    2980 yen


Daily lunch

Everything comes with soup and salad

  • Cheese hamburg steak

    ¥ 800

  • Tomato sauce of mozzarella cheese with raw ham

    ¥ 800

  • Shrimp and edamame cream sauce Sea urchin flavor

    ¥ 800

  • Japanese style yuzu pepper flavor of green onion long green onion

    ¥ 800

  • Doll town dry curry

    ¥ 800


It is access information to Italian restaurant of Ningyocho


Store name

Lancontre Tont

Street address

1-1-21 Yamajo Building 1F ・ 2F Nihonbashi Ningbocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours


Regular holiday

None, day, celebration







The Italian restaurant, which is open in Ningyo-cho, has a very convenient location, just a 2-minute walk from the nearest station, so it's easy to stop by for work after work or errands. Lunch time is also open, so if you want to use an Italian restaurant near Ningyocho Station, please come to Lancontre Tonto.

About us

Please use an Italian restaurant in Ningbocho

It is a restaurant that offers delicious Italian food in Ningyocho

The Italian restaurant operating in Ningyo-cho offers a variety of menus that can be selected according to the scene and number of people, from lunch changing menus every month to courses with à la carte and all-you-can-drink. The two-and-a-half-hour all-you-can-drink course, which includes an assortment of chef entrees assorted three point appetizers and a margherita baked with homemade dough, is a popular course that many customers have ordered. There are also a number of sparkling wines available for toasts, and it is popular that you can start your meal in a stylish mood.
Runcontre Tonto, which has been operating for many years in Ningyo-cho as an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy authentic cuisine, we are particular about fresh vegetables and seasonal fresh vegetables as well as freshness of meat and fish and offer it as a chef's recommended dish. We are always careful about how to serve our customers and the atmosphere inside the store, and we devise ways to make it a great time for customers to spend time in the store. We will serve you with delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere, so please come visit us if you are looking for your favorite Italian restaurant in Ningyocho.

It is a restaurant where you can have an Italian party in Ningbocho

The restaurant that offers an Italian menu in Ningyo-cho can be used as a party venue where you can enjoy large screen images with DVD, microphone performance, bingo and more. We have seats for 42 people for sitting and up to 55 people for free standing, and we can also accommodate private use. We recommend a luxury course where you can taste domestic beef hoho meat, angel prawns, porcini mushrooms and seasonal vegetables for a large number of guests, and enjoy all-you-can-drink liquor.
The Italian restaurant in Ningyo-cho offers a variety of dishes such as cheese-rich pizza, healthy à la carte with seafood and vegetables, and gatochocolat with home-made vanilla ice cream. It will be provided as We aim to be a restaurant that you can enjoy with the five senses, sticking to the freshness, seasoning, and serving of the ingredients. As we are very welcome to use for parties and banquets, as well as for anniversary and entertainment, if you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Ningyocho, please come to Lancontre Tonto.